We help seniors live independently, stay comfortable, safe and have fun at the same time.

Who we are

Xavier is the founder of ZippyHelper™ and has helped seniors for years with tech, errands and household chores that are simple for most people, but potentially challenging for the elderly. He started ZippyHelper™ with the belief that seniors should be empowered and assisted to live independently and focus on the fun things and leave the mundane “too hard stuff” to a ZippyHelper™.

A ZippyHelper™ is a trusted personal assistant for seniors and your loved ones   As a new member of the family,  a ZippyHelper™  augments and lightens the chores of seniors so they can live independently with added ease, comfort and quality.

A trusted ZippyHelper™ excels with all the tech needs to support a senior in activities like TV setup, buying new gadgets, zoom meetings, social media, keeping you safe with cyber security as well as helping you save your time with any errands like banking deliveries, house chores, cleaning and gardening.

You can trust a ZippyHelper™ –  every ZippyHelper™  is carefully vetted to ensure we employ and partner with the kindest, most compassionate people with a love for life and others, and who can tell a good joke or have a chess match without getting too competitive.

Easy as 1,2,3

How to hire a Zippy Helper™  :

Step 1:

Sign up at ZippyHelper™ and tell us about everything you need by filling out our simple questionnaire.

Step 2:

Talk to a friendly ZippyHelper™ to share your needs

Step 3:

Agree on a price upfront, set a time and Viola! Your trusted ZippyHelper™ will deliver with a money back guarantee *

What We do

Help with Technology

Television and Stereo Setup

Zoom and Skype Call Setup

Social Media Assistance

Security Camera Setup


We’ll run practically any errand you can think of, eliminating any risk of going out into the world during these uncertain times. No task is too big or too small, just ask! We offer:

House Checks while You’re away

Parcels, Mail, Bills and Banking Help

Flowers, gifts, pharmacy, groceries pick ups/drops.

Doctors Appointment – Takeaway Deliveries

Unlike other errand services, we’re happy to have a cuppa tea while you tell us a story, help you through a hard time, or just watch a movie with you. A ZippyHelper™ provides more than just basic home assistance, they’ll be your new best friend.

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How We’re Different

Respect And Integrity For Seniors

Money Back Guarantee

Police Check Ready

Any Time Help

Risk Free First Half Hour On Us

Covid 19 Compliant


Our pricing model is simple, and we make it easy – only pay for the services you need. Simple as that. We also offer a full money back guarantee if you’re not 100% happy with our services.

Our pricing starts from $35 an hour with the first half hour free for new customers. This removes the risk and gives you an opportunity to experience the ZippyHelper™ value .

Upon signup, you’ll be able to customize your price based on the services you need. We’ll work with you to match your perfectly personalized independent living and tech needs.  No surprise costs and fees.  We are upfront – always !

The ZippyHelper™ Promise

We know how much your loved ones mean to you, and we understand that you want simply the best care available. That’s why we offer our ZippyHelper™Promise, which ensures that our staff are confident, trustworthy, and will provide a trusted level of assistance for  the task at hand.

  • Background checks of our staff
  • 24/7 assistance
  • Personalized service plans tailored for you 
  • Only pay for what you need

Hire a ZippyHelper™ today so your loved ones can live independently more easily,  with more confidence, and added comfort. We understand just how much you love your family members, and we provide the same attentiveness and care that you would provide them yourself.   At ZippyHelper™, we are confident of always delivering a high quality of service and, in the isolated instance you are not 100% satisfied, we offer a money back guarantee.*

Reach out today and schedule a time to meet your ZippyHelper™. As a new customer, there is no risk. The first half hour is on us, we can’t wait to meet you* and get the ZippyHelper™ ball rolling for you.

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